En Route to [and from] Bonnaroo: Nashville, Part Deux

The Southern Sojourn
June 2011

Aside from the general desire to share my wanderings, the flavors and the general feel of the South inspired me in ways that will be evident and bear a background story.  Accordingly, I present the city-by-city recap of my Southern Sojourn.

Now for Nashville, Round Two…

After Beirut played Nantes, I was content.  There were a few more acts on the mellower Sunday evening, but I was content to end this Bonnaroo experience on those notes.  The three of us were all very content with the idea of showering and using a non-portable toilet before our return to the real world, so we returned to Nashville.

I knew I was dirty, but I didn’t know how dirty I was until I was sitting against the clean backdrop of the hotel.  EVERYTHING was covered in dust!  Once we all scrubbed away the layers of Bonnaroo, we had one place on our mind; conveniently enough, our hotel and The Patterson House were neighbors!

(For one more look at my full set of Nashville photos, click the image above)

Our Patterson Part Deux lacked the social aspect of our first trip, as most of our new friends were off duty for the night, but the cocktails did not disappoint.  This time, we left more room for dessert, which was a fancy s’more, complete with homemade marshmallows with a hint of bourbon.  Yummmmy!  It was almost as if we were still camping?  (Not at all).

After the truly restful sleep of a clean bed, we took one more foray into Nashville.  Mostly, we ate deliciously authentic French pastries at Provence bakery, spilled a bunch of coffee, people watched, tried to cling to some shade and listened to a troubadour of sorts.  So concluded my Nashville stint part deux, for it was time to meet with my  Pittsburgh pals for my ride home.

Dear Nashville,

I say wholeheartedly, I NEED to return soon!

Very Sincerely,

Quelcy T. Kogel

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