En Route [From] Bonnaroo: Home Again, Home Again

The Southern SojournConcluded
June 2011

Aside from the general desire to share my wanderings, the flavors and the general feel of the South inspired me in ways that will be evident and bear a background story.  Accordingly, I presented the city-by-city recap of my Southern Sojourn.

Then I had to return home…

…but I want to include one more Bonnaroo memory!

Sandra, Heather and I were sitting rather indifferently on the outskirts of the Iron & Wine concert (I just don’t think he is meant to be heard in a venue that large) when I caught a few notes from the one song I wanted to hear most from the Cold War Kids.  I quickly told Heather and Sandra to stay put, and then I bolted!  I ran past the mosaic wood-fired pizza oven, past the tent of amateur rappers and DJs, past the sweet potato source that had run out of plates, past the fountain and into the dust!  I made it!

Ok, maybe more than just one more memory.  I also danced my heart out to the entire Scissor Sisters show whilst craning my neck to attempt to see the singer’s hairstyle.  I led two guys into a Gogol Bordello mosh pit after I impressed them with my crowd maneuvering skills.  I danced to Girl Talk as we made our way to our tent.

I went, I saw, I looooooved it all!

Then I returned to the Steel City.  On the Bonnaroo map, the Pittsburgh mark is the point that made me the saddest (because I wanted the journey to continue), it only seemed right to show some of the city.

Is it?

Black and yellow.  Black and yellow…. blllllaaaaaaah

Not quite the Fin.  There will be nostalgia.

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