The Launch: Dear Readers, It’s So Nice To Meet You!

June 2011

Dear Readers,

I am so excited you are here!  There is a lot here for you to digest!  It’s hard to believe, but I have been baking for years now (to think my sisters once predicted I would be helpless when it came time to fend for myself in the kitchen)!  I was always snapping a camera, usually documenting the recipes for the resulting concoctions and mentally collecting the stories behind the baking.  For a long time, I just maintained my highly organized baking archive and waited for an outlet.  I finally came to terms with two relevant points about myself:

1.  I probably won’t learn web design unless it is a requirement for a class or a job.  Thus, I had to negate the notion of a baking website.

2.  I actually like blogs!  I started to see more and more blogs in the art, design and food realms, which finally convinced me to start With The Grains!

Since most of these posts are about the occasion and the celebration of food, friends, family and places, the blog’s debut deserved a celebration as well.  Accordingly, I holed away for months in order to pack all the past baking stories into my private blog before presenting the site to the world.  I wanted something polished to present!  Rather than just post a link on a facebook page or send an email to announce my new creation, I had a better idea, a more celebratory idea… a launch!

I cannot wait for your feedback, both critiques and compliments (and grammatical corrections?), so dig in!

Sincerely [covered in flour and bits of chocolate],
Quelcy T. Kogel

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  1. Waz

    I love it! Very cool launch video. So simple, so beautiful.

    Cream puffs! I’m going to try your cream puffs recipe when I am settled into my new apt and have all my baking supplies.

    1. withthegrains

      Thanks so much Waz! Let me know how the cream puffs turn out! You might be the first to ever follow one of my recipes!

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