Birthday Brunch: The Party!

January 2011

Oh how I worked on those cakes until the last minute, but alas, it was time for my birthday brunch!

Fixings for sopes.

MMMmmmmaple sausage!

My fix of baked french toast.

My very own challah bread.

Food excitement and perhaps over stimulation caused by the wonders of the butcher block.

A hush fell over the table.  The only thing to be heard was the din of forks and “mmmm” sounds.

Birthday girl’s first venison meat ever in that there bowl of venison chili.
Two types of frittata, since the Carpenter refuses to like goat cheese.
Maple sausage.
Boozy baked french toast.
Mimosas and coffee.

… and naughty glasses.

… and birthday balloons from Bahrain

… and a quiet contentment caused by cakelettes.

Me + My Birthday + Cake + Me + My Birthday + Cake
The Tradition Continues …

Julia must have color coordinated with the cake vision in my head.

My new apron!  A wonderful present from Erin.

Someone was just a bit mopey because he didn’t get to eat any cake.

As the food comas hit, we all felt like this.  Thanks everyone for such a delectable finale to my January celebrations!


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