Snowquet 2011: A [Birthday] Party

January 2011

The highly anticipated Snowquet 2011 finally arrived with a sharing of food, fun and games.

The Peach Schnapps was for the facilities engineer.  His drinking side is very in touch with his feminine side by all stereotypes and cliches.

The troops stood at attention.

The fancies waited to be filled.

The vintage game and this cocktail recipe inspired!

I have mentioned my roots, the kind of roots that formed deep in the land, far from any natural bodies of water.  Though I have branched into the wide world, my roots have mostly pulled me from the slimier and more complicated bounty of the sea to land harvests.  I’m what you might call a seafood virgin waiting for true love, and by “love,” I mean a trip to New England with a connoisseur to tell me what to crack, what to eat, what to butter, what to toss.

However, the bossman poured me a glass of champagne, prepared a mussel and said, “Happy Birthday, friend!”  Baby’s first mussel down the spout!  The more aquatically rooted of the group critiqued the balsamic and seasoning as too overpowering, so it seems I still have much more to experience in the mussel realm.

When a materials scientist and an engineer make ice cream, they use science!

(and liquid nitrogen)

One of the cutest kids I know!

What a splendid way to celebrate my January naissance, and this was only the beginning!

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