Mon Anniversaire au Restaurant Le Pommier

January 2011

“What would you like to do for your birthday?” he asked.

“Dress fancy and eat even fancier,” I responded.

“Where would you like to go?” he inquired.

“Le Pommier,” I replied!

I had been looking forward to sitting at this table and reading this menu for years!  This was a very special occasion.

Roasted beets with lemon oil and a petite herb salad, short ribs, shitake mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and vin rouge pour moiSalade verte et coq au vin pour lui. Chocolate crème brûlée with peppercorns pour tous.

Sadly, it seems I ate at Le Pommier just in time.  Just two days after my birthday, a fire on the second floor closed the restaurant indefinitely.

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