Winter Land Wander

January 2011

After the drudgery of Snowpocalypse, I had decided that this year, winter would not beat me!  I bought new boots, had a collection of coats, and partial custody of the Carpenter’s dog provided me with a snow-loving best friend.  Snow had descended upon Pittsburgh again, but this year, I was feeling inspired.  I was walking in a winter wonderland instead of trudging uphill in the snow both ways.

There is always inspiration just across the street.  When I first came to meet the realtor for my apartment, I saw this advertising vestige as a bread beacon.  It was more than a lingering sign; it was a sign!  I was meant to live and bake here.

There is still part of me that longs for warmer places.  It’s the part of me buried under a tank top, a t-shirt, a thermal shirt, a fleece, a vest and a hat…all while indoors!

As I cleared the breakfast plates, Alastair thought it was time for more neighborhood adventuring, but eventually he settled in front of a heater for some dog dreams while I settled under a few blankets.

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