Baum Grove Bake Sale

May 2010

Erin, my partner in pie, her mother and sister had signed up to sell their art at The Friendship Flower & Folk Festival.  It seemed like the perfect place for the first ever QT Pi(e) Bake Sale!

We prepared a new booklet to accompany the pies:  a hand stamped cover and a printed fold out.

I used my latest wine experiments to tweak the original QT Pi(e) recipe.

The Friendship Flower & Folk Festival had seemed like a great spot for our first QT Pi(e) Bake sale, but we hadn’t factored in whether it would be a warm enough spot.  The winds were quite brisk, the sky was quite gray, and the crowd was quite meager.  Nonetheless, we were there to tell our pie stories and meet some new faces.

We met a man who gives hugs and brightens days.

We also met a very familiar carpenter face who helped promote our pie business.

The wind won for a spell.

Most artists had cleared out by the time the wind knocked down our displays.  Then the organizers began to deflate the moon bounce.  It was time to call it a day.


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