Here Comes Peter Graham Tail, Hopping Down the Pierogi Trail

April 2010

Dana didn’t throw just any Easter brunch.  As a resident of the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh and a girl of Eastern European descent, Dana threw a “Hunky Easter (as a Czech girl, I think I am allowed to say that online?!?!?).”  A “Hunky Easter” meant lots of butter above all things, but more specifically, it meant various flavors of pierogi, giant kielbasas, lots of onions…and too full to remember the rest!  How we made room for dessert is amazing, but when enough stomachs had settled, I revealed my Easter contribution….

Some day, far, far down the line, I will be moving or consolidating my life or retrieving some old book fallen behind a shelf, and that my sweet-toothed friends, is when I shall discover some loose leaf of paper with this carrot cake recipe written in the wilder scrawl of my buttery, floury hand.  Until then, the only thing I offer are these photos and this tidbit, the surprise ingredient that made Chris tell me, “Now I can’t talk to my mom about her carrot cake because I like yours better!”

Dark Chocolate chips!

Those were organic bunny grahams because when one of the cutest little girls in the world is eating the cake you made, you want it to be made of purity.

**Excuse me while I gloat**

My layered carrot cake (with chocolate chips!!!) was almost completely consumed while the store-bought, chocolate tart remained untouched.

[I’m not competitive at all]

Sweet success!

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