A Visit to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA

I was brainstorming ways to describe how much the Rustbelt Farmer and I value coffee. I could talk about our assortment of tools, or the way coffee has inspired our travels, or my metrics for judging a new coffee shop, but then I realized, that was all too flowery and emotional. The best way to demonstrate our love of good coffee was his response to a family member's request to pick up K-cups for our lake house weekend...


Ligonier, Pennyslvania for a Laborless Labor Day

When a very sunny and hot Labor Day rolled around, I found myself itching to socialize and soak up the sun. I hadn't been sure what my schedule would be, so I had failed to plan anything, and by that point, it felt too late. I was alone, and don't tell my mom, but I dare say I was bored. Luckily, a friend came to my rescue, and a last minute getaway ensued.


Wanderings: Green Gables Restaurant & Huddleson Court, Jennerstown, PA

The Beaverdam Cabin, where we retreated, is part of Green Gables Restaurant & Huddleson Court, so after a cozy night's sleep under the eaves of the cabin roof, we'd lace up our boots and take a quick stroll to breakfast, where the fire was already crackling in the large hearth. The old stone, the warm wooden tones, the puzzle in progress, the play of light and shadows, and the general stillness set such a peaceful tone to the morning.