A Roundup for Eating Pie All Day

Perhaps you’ve sworn off pie making forever (I get it). Having recently returned to this pastry and found a new peace, I come bearing good news: there is a better way! The steps may seem overwhelming at first, but the method I describe – fraisage – has restored my love of pie-making, so I'm celebrating with pie all day.

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Whole Grain Peach Pie for Annie

As much as this whole grain peach pie was a gift for Annie, it was also a gift for me. It felt so good to be able to bake for someone else again, to share, even if sharing looks differently these days. It felt reviving to truly play with food again, not for work, not for money but for the delight of someone else.


Pumpkin Pecan Pie aka Pumpcan Pie (Gluten Free)

"I'm a genius," he proclaimed, then looked at me like a used car salesmen and an online guru in one. "Follow me on this. Pumpkin pie. Pecan Pie. Everybody wants both. Why do they have to be separate? [dramatic pause] Just combine them in one pie! One pie! A Pumpcan Pie!" Then he mimed a mic drop and took credit for everything that proceeds from here (except the chocolate chips. They were my own rogue doing.)