Earl Grey Honey Simple Syrup for Blackberry Bread Pudding and Cocktails

The core of this recipe trio is honey. Supporting beekeeping is good for the bees, and honey is better for you than sugar. The Earl Grey flavor is subtle, so play with the tea quantities if you want a stronger bergamot flavor. These are all loose guides, so follow your palate and instincts. The Earl Grey Honey Simple Syrup really shines when paired with Prosecco or Champagne.


Rum Spiked Eggnog

Next week, the flowering trees may be swaying against purely sunny skies, and high temperatures may call for margaritas, but while the cold lingers just a bit, here's a recipe in defense of drinking eggnog beyond the holiday season. Why do we reserve sipping a boozy, melted milkshake for but a few weeks around Christmas? Have another round on me!

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