Grilled Lemon Rose Vodka Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

This post is for my bitter, anti-romance, cupid haters. My recommendation to you? Whip up these Grilled Lemon Rose Vodka Cocktails for Valentine's Day, and take a deep dive into true crime and dark humor. Share these cocktails with a fellow bitter friend, or simply enjoy a few all by yourself. It's your Valentine's Day. Do whatever you gotta do to get to February 15th in good spirits (pun intended... not sorry)! 


Ricotta Cake with Dark Chocolate, Pomegranate & Citrus {Gluten-Free}

I believe in salvaging old buildings, vintage pieces, rocky relationships and cake, maybe cake above all else. Three sad layers or ricotta cheesecake became a passable layer cake, and I set to smoke and mirrors trickery: dark chocolate drizzles, pomegranate arils, chocolate dipped citrus and even the pomegranate shell, which was too intricate and pretty to meet the compost bin just yet. 

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2017: A Year in Review

A year can hold so much, yet it's easy to overlook the many moments that should fill us with lasting gratitude. That's why, come New Year's Day, I like to nestle in and really look back at the love and care I put into this, my corner of the web. I do this so as to celebrate, rather than denigrate, my efforts. It's all too easy to critique the times when I didn't post frequently, or to compare myself to other bloggers, but when I see all these recipes, adventures and posts together, I find contentment in the nostalgia (and my ever changing hair).


Champagne, Plaid & Presents: How We Christmas’d

After presents, finishing touches on a dessert and sufficient lazing, we bundled up and joined the family for more festivities including a prime rib that fed everyone for days. It was all so cozy, I'm not quite ready to admit Christmas has passed. What about you? What did you bake/gift/receive? Here's to hiding under the blankets, watching the snowfall and eating cookies for a bit longer!


A Christmas Tree Farm & Peppermint Chocolate Cookies for Santa

I was beginning to think Christmas tree farms were a thing of Hallmark, Hallmark movies or quaint New England towns that feel like Hallmark come to life (or better yet, scenes from "Christmas Vacation"). But thanks to my friend Theresa, I discovered Christmas tree farms do in fact exist, and more importantly, one does in fact exist nearby(ish)!

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