On Seasons and Looking Back on Spring

As the nights grow cooler, the sun sets earlier, and a new season teases its approach, I want to remember the intention I felt this spring. I want to savor the current and coming season, to appreciate the beautiful, incremental, wild moments. The epic changes, both within and outside me.  


A Roundup for Eating Pie All Day

Perhaps you’ve sworn off pie making forever (I get it). Having recently returned to this pastry and found a new peace, I come bearing good news: there is a better way! The steps may seem overwhelming at first, but the method I describe – fraisage – has restored my love of pie-making, so I'm celebrating with pie all day.

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Confronting My White Privilege & Complicity

There is a lot of momentum for action and change now, but the road to racial equality is long. There are many insightful resources being circulated and shared as a reaction to the protests. I didn't want to get lost in these lists, or simply repost them and move on with my life. Black people are confronted and threatened by these issues daily. They do not have the option to move on with their lives, especially when their lives are in constant danger. The fact that I will never truly understand the trauma of being black is why I need to step up my actions.