The Baker

When family and friends tell me, “I don’t even like cake, and I loooooved that Thanksgiving cake” or “I never like cheesecake, but that cheesecake was bomb,” I am quite happily satisfied (and maybe only slightly confused by slang).

My thrill is in making a recipe my own. I find inspiration, seek some guidelines and plunge forward. I am of the grandmother school of thought:  add what you have, a pinch or a heap is close enough to the prescribed quantity, once one thing is on the table start making something else, and know that nothing will ever taste the same twice.

These are my ideas, my stories, my memories, my progress and above all, the way I satisfy my sweet tooth sensibly. These are my whole grains and film grains, and the other aspects of me emerge from there.



4 thoughts on “The Baker

  1. brownponytail

    i stumbled across your blog on the freshly pressed page (congrats btw!), and i just wanted to say that i love your ideas and recipes!
    that avocado-egg boat thing? for dinner tonight, for sure!

  2. Helen Holshouser

    I came to look at your drawings as they were mentioned inour Zero to Hero challenge today!They are wonderful! but I love your blog even more,and am going to share it with my daughter on facebook as she loves to bake and will love your blog also! I’ll be following! Helen

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