Revival in the From of Brunch (e2)

April 2014 What do you do to get your adrenaline pumping? For some, it's leaping off cliffs or diving from moving airplanes. Not this girl. I prefer the adrenal rush of creative output in…

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a pop UP dinner with e2

July 2013 Put me indoors on the perfect summer day, and internally, I'm squirming like a kiddo confined to a church pew. Fortunately, Pittsburgh chefs are embracing summer scenes as…

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Slow Foods at e2

March 2013 We envision a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the…

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2 (E2) = Delicious, Round Two

November 2011 I was eager to return to E2 after my first brunch visit.  We nearly drove right past the restaurant with its new coat of red paint, but fortunately,…

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Autumnal Summer & Brunch at e2

October 2011 I had already wrapped myself in sweaters and vests when the temperatures took a turn that turned the corners of my lips into a smile:  sunshine and warmth!! …

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Mini Crustless Pumpkin Cheesecakes (gluten-free)

I love baking and sharing desserts with friends, so if we were to enjoy these mini crustless pumpkin cheesecakes together, with some coffee, here are some of the topics we might discuss: books, podcasts, gratitude, and dogs (obviously). Of course, I prefer a conversation, so tell me your updates too.

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