A Brunch Board in Celebration of Worth Manifesto

I don’t know what big projects are on my horizon, or what the fine-tuning of my career will look like yet, but I know this: I want to make people feel special and celebrated. I want to empower people to feel their value and their contribution, whether it be passing them a microphone on stage or really enjoying the cup of coffee they made me. I want to be part of restoring humanity, which is why I hosted this brunch in honor of my friend, Sandra Villarroel and her organization Worth Manifesto.


Why I’ve Been Quiet

I never wanted to be a blogger who blogs about not blogging. Is there anything more boringly meta? I will, however,  be a writer who falls prey to a lack of words, an overachiever who falls under her own pressures. I will be a blogger who blogs about life, who shares the echoes of her silence. 

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