The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook Event: Private Dinner at Mediterra Café

Hey! Let’s share a meal from the pages of my cookbook at one of my favorite places – Mediterra Café. Check out the details below, and I hope to share a table with you soon!

The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook + Mediterra Cafe

A Gluten-Free Private Dinner by Chef Jacqueline Schoedel
6 pm – 9 pm | Tuesday, July 30th 

Tickets available here

The part of my heart that loves bread has long loved Mediterra Bakehouse, which has been steadily filling bread racks all over Pittsburgh since 2001. The part of the family’s business that really made my grainy heart soar was when the family purchased a sizable chunk of Arizona land to grow red fife wheat. The harvested grain makes its way back to Pittsburgh, and the bakers, following French tradition, turn that wheat into a slow-rising loaf.

A year ago, the family really outdid itself and opened Mediterra Café in Sewickley, a borough just outside of Pittsburgh. The whole cafe is beautifully executed, with a marble countertop in the window, subway tile, and shelves of curated packaged food. The menu somehow makes choosing between a grain-sprinkled salad and a baked good a veritable challenge. Add a third-wave coffee bar to the mix, and I frequently find myself making excuses to head to Sewickley around lunchtime. What might surprise you from a family known for bread is that they think about gluten-free eating with similar care.

Both the chef, Jacqueline Schoedel and family-member Nicole Ambeliotis follow strict gluten-free diets due to lupus and celiacs, respectively. To showcase this side of their brand, to show they are somehow even more than their famous bread, we’re partnering on a special, gluten-free private dinner.

I’m putting my cookbook into the hands of Chef Jacqueline for her to bring the recipes to life and add her own mark on them. We’ll gather in the bright and shiny space for a meal of a different speed – a chance to snack on charcuterie, toast spirits and sit together for a full, gluten-free meal. I’ll share more about the making of my book, why cooking and baking for everyone is the heart of the book and more, so I hope you can come and help bring the pages to life. 





The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook Event: Private Dinner at Mediterra Café //

The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook Event: Private Dinner at Mediterra Café //



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