Cheers to the Weekend: Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail & Cake

Dark chocolate and coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures, as is dark chocolate and bourbon. I’m combining everything for one decadent #HealthyishHappyHour : a Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail + Dark Chocolate Cake with Orange Zest. This post is sponsored by Healthyish Foods, but all coffee jitters are my own. 

Cheers to the Weekend: Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail & Cake //

Keep the Coffee Times Rolling

When it comes to coffee consumption, I lean toward the Lorelai Gilmore school of thought, ie: more, more, more! I like black coffee with a splash of cream in the morning (followed by a refill). I like short, concentrated cortados in the afternoon, or iced lattes when it’s hot, or Lavender Iced Lattes from the comfort of home. So when it comes time to cheers to the weekend, why stop the coffee? Pair it with a splash of bourbon, and we’re en route to a Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail. What else is in store for the weekend?

Cheers to the Weekend: Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail & Cake //

What I’ll Be Watching While Sipping this Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail: Cue the Romance!

Last week, I spent a few days with two of my best friends in Tampa, Florida. It was such a long overdue reunion, one that filled me with the sort of joy that begs for a pause button. After a day of sun, waves and an extraordinary number of minnows, we returned to Sandra’s house to make a Scottish themed cheeseboard (full disclosure: it was more British than Scottish, but that was the fault of Whole Foods) and indulge Sandra’s romance novel habit.

Sandra gave us the CliffsNotes version of the first six episodes, then we dove into the particularly spicy wedding night scene from Outlander. We had mocked Sandra’s romance habits for years, but the joke was on Nina and me. The Scottish drama had us hooked. We stayed up way past bedtime to watch Claire grapple with her time travels while grappling Jamie (amirite?!?). Feeling the withdrawal, Nina bought the series, and with any luck, we’ll be binge watching Jamie’s ginger locks this weekend with cocktails and snacks. 

Cheers to the Weekend: Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail & Cake //

What I’ll Be Eating While Sipping this Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail: Orange Chocolate Healthyish Cake

Healthyish Foods makes baking kits, so you can bake homemade, organic, single-serving desserts in under 15 minutes (unlike my typical baking endeavors). For the Healthyish cake component of this #HealthyishHappyHour, start with the Cocoa Brownie Cake, top it with organic Chocolate Frosting from your kit, then garnish with fresh orange zest and mini chocolate chips, and enjoy!

Cheers to the Weekend: Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail & Cake //

I’m also hoping to visit a Honey Festival, the Pittsburg Botanic Garden and to start dying some fabrics for some upcoming projects. What do you have planned for the weekend?





Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail

About this Recipe: Adding a splash of heavy cream, and shaking the cocktail over ice yields an extra indulgent, frothy beverage.

Serves: 1


1/2 oz Maple syrup, optional
2 1/2 oz cold brew coffee
1 oz vanilla coconut milk
1 oz heavy cream
1 1/4 oz Bourbon
1 organic orange peel


Combine everything in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake vigorously, then pour over ice, and garnish the Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail with an organic orange peel.


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