Cheers to the Weekend: Bota Box Rosé

I know I said this series was all about drinking wine more intentionally, exploring bottles, taking note and drinking less Bota, but then, this happened: Bota Box Dry Rosé, and you know what? This box is a damn delight, and there’s no shame in that!

Cheers to the Weekend: Bota Box Rosé //
It’s finally here: Bota Box Rosé

What they say: Dry = not sweet. And that’s what you get with this Rosé – crisp, with aromas of raspberries and red rose and flavors of strawberry cake and grapefruit zest. Serve well chilled. Bota Box Dry Rosé is the perfect barbeque wine, the perfect beach wine, and the perfect picnic wine, but it’s also the perfect sitting-around-watching-the-sunset wine.

Cheers to the Weekend: Bota Box Rosé //

What I say: As a disclaimer, this post is in no way sponsored by Bota Box, though I wish it were. I’ve amassed my fair share of converts to the cardboard box side, so I think it’s fair I should earn some sort of “street team” credit. There’s no shame in boxed wines these days. These are not the “slap-the-sack” bags of college, and there’s less risk of wasting wine, since the packaging protects wine from air exposure. #nobottleleftbehind

Cheers to the Weekend: Bota Box Rosé //

I’m still going to stick to my goal of exploring wine with more intention, but I’m also foreseeing a summer filled with these boxes, and that’s a win win! I’m ready for a glass now because my weekend forecast is sunny with a 99% chance of car shopping… the unforeseen, unplanned and unexpected, gotta-put-my-car-to-sleep sort of car shopping, which I’m fairly certain is the worst kind of car shopping. 

so… Cheers to the Weekend! 

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