Sea Salt Foot Soak (A Great DIY Gift)

To say I am hard on this body of mine is an understatement. My work as a stylist often has me schlepping heavy totes of props from my third-floor apartment, standing for loooong days, hunched over to tweeze and primp food, and in general, I tend to tense up and internalize stress. I'm sure I'm not alone in these feelings, regardless of your profession, and I'm sure I'm not alone in needing a little more time and space for self care. That's why I'm sharing this lovely sea salt foot soak DIY.


Fermented Honey Lilac Drink for Allergy Season

Take advantage of the fleeting lilac season, and experiment with this Fermented Honey Lilac Drink. It's light, fizzy and may help you combat allergy season too! It tastes like a light beer, making it an enjoyable spring and summer sipper, and if you're skeptical about drinking lilacs, don't worry. The floral notes are light and subtle.


Spring Blooms: A Dose of Beauty for You

I've been in a "bit" of a cloud, a storm cloud one might even say. I've been in the midst of a BIG, daunting, intimidating and very exciting, dream project. As I try to enjoy the process more, keep one foot in the season and to simply be more present in the moment, I offer you these spring blooms in case you're feeling a little stuck on the uphill too.


3 DIY Natural Haircare Recipes

When I made a major shift in my diet toward clean eating, my skin took on a new glow, and I felt more energized, but one aspect that never changed, much to my chagrin, was my oily hair. Even though I switched to all organic, all natural products, I still needed to wash my hair almost daily. It turns out, my excessive washing, even with all natural products, was probably doing more harm than good. Have you heard of the “no ‘poo” (ie: no shampoo) movement in natural haircare?

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Cheers to the Weekend: Fabre en Provence Rosé

Want to feel better about not knowing a ton about wine? I arrived late to the party, but I've been obsessively making up time and burning my way through Radio Cherry Bombe. Episode 123 would make for good listening while sipping, since it features the founders of Yes Way Rosé and Marisa A. Ross ("wine time" was one of my favorite YouTube moments of all time). Cheers to that!

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