A Year With The Grains / Farewell 2015

Much like brushing your teeth after eating a grapefruit, a lingering sour mood can make it hard to get the fresh start you desired. This was the case for my New Year’s Eve- a cranky and sad mood discolored my view of an entire year. I felt ready to kick 2015 to the curb, but why? Had it been that bad?

Not at all! In an effort to give the year a proper send off and change my mood, I nestled into the corner of my neighborhood coffeeshop. Over coffee and a croissant, I dove into this space, With The Grains, this corner of the web where I track my life, my loves, and my curiosities through sharing food.

What I saw was a year steeped heavily in the seasons, playful outbursts and some momentous occasions like baking a child’s very first birthday cake. I reveled in the progress of The Urban Farmer, my first ever cooking demo, breakfast with [Bronx] Obama, picnics on a houseboat, my faithful kitchen companion, meeting inspiring food leaders, and overall, a body of work that made me really proud.

In the coming year, my goal is to stop and relish this journal monthly, take better stock of my life, cherish each day and try my hardest to slow the tempest of time. If you followed With The Grains, left comments regularly, or made these recipes, I thank you for the extra life you’ve brought to my corner of the web!

Farewell 2015, you were a warm oven, a fresh donut and a piping hot cup of coffee!

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  1. Linda

    I really enjoy reading your corner of the web!! Wonderful year in photos! 🙂

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