A Spicy Valentine

February 2015

I’ve celebrated his thoughtfulness, his compassionate heart, his desire to save the world, his sincerity and his intellect, but every now and then, you just need to tell a dude you think he is hot! This Valentine’s Day, it was all about the heat…

A Spicy Valentine by With The Grains

I’ve read the Facebook rants. I know a fair share of my friends and acquaintances hate the way Valentine’s Day diminishes love and sentimentality to one day, but I see it as an extra day for these feelings. It’s only a Hallmark holiday if you make it so, and as a theme-loving and Urban-Farmer-loving girl, I’d be remiss not to express myself in a themed token of adoration.

A Spicy Valentine by With The Grains-02

Maybe I’m selfish, but in my book, the best gifts for a Sig Fig are the ones you share together, so the Urban Farmer and I will be sipping, indulging and maybe burning our tongues a tad too. For his part, my fella took me to a new-to-us place for pig face (how romantic!) and an intricate bay scallop presentation, followed  by two rounds of my favorite cocktail and plenty of people watching. It was perfect!

Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? Any special gifts or creative ideas?


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  1. happynfull

    That is a cute idea of buying things to share together. I don’t think I have a problem of an extra day of extra love but I hate that everyone shares the same day. Overcrowded and overpriced restaurants and flowers are the result! =P

    1. withthegrains

      True. I’m all for staying in too, but then again, I’m a real recluse in the winter months.

  2. Anne Lively

    I am stealing that idea!

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