Donut O’ The Month for JoJoTastic: Nutella Coconut Baby Donuts

September 2014

Dear Donut Lovers,
ie: Dear Everyone in the World,

I am so excited to announce I will be devoting a fraction of my monthly food brainstorming to the creation of donut recipes to inspire your coffee dunking. You’ll be able to find these recipes at my pal Joanna’s blog JoJoTastic.

Donuts and Nutella

Joanna is a social media powerhouse, filling the web with inspiration and beauty left and right, and not to mention some pretty cute pet photos too. To kick off this Donut O’ The Month series, I bring you the Nutella Coconut Donut.

Donuts and Toppings

I’ll be bringing you a new homemade nutella recipe soon, but in the meantime, you can use this version from my archives.


Stay tuned for more donut adventures!

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  1. wdugln

    Mmm, haven’t had a donut in a looong time! Nutella+Coconut+Donut=Sounds so good!

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