Instagram Lately: Balancing Acts & Buckwheat Pancakes

September 2014

Lots of people talk about unwinding, detaching, disconnecting, etc. These notions are admirable and inspiring in their own right, but every now and then, it’s refreshing to curl up with the internet and be amazed by the inspiration and beauty you can behold.

The Queen and the Farmer

I recently took a night to disengage from people, from conversation, from the public, and I lost myself completely to watercolor backdrops, layers of chocolate, wide plank wooden floors in minimalist rooms, endless lace dresses and florals all dressed up as ice creams. With just a dash of focus and a dose of carelessness, these rabbit holes can feed conversations, start brainstorms and sometimes become a moment worth capturing and preserving. It’s all about balance… or balancing acts… however it is that balance happens.

Drying Flowers

Beyond my rabbit hole, Queens appeared (certainly a good oman), I savored my last corn popsicle on a super hot day, farm stand purchases blossomed into perfect Sunday pancakes, dogs, dudes and felines stretched lazily in summer breezes and blades of grass, and the Floral King returned, which means… I gotta get back to work! There is a LOT on the horizon!


Happy Balancing Acts!

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