Instagram Lately: Boredom at Bay

August 2014

Boredom and loneliness are choices. This is what I tell myself, and this is what I believe.

However, that doesn’t mean boredom and loneliness don’t lurk around me every now and then, but just as they do, ideas pop into my head. Next thing I know, a motorcycle appears, and I’m zipping around the twinkling city, with the wind whipping in my face, in pursuit of a perfect burger and fries, or…

Myths and Pizza

…or, I’m listening to the myth of the Shrine of the Virgin Mary, while a heavenly glow illuminates my orator. Little did I know about this hilltop saint until the garden party took a stroll.

…or, I am eating brick-oven pizza while potters pick at banjos and mandolins.

…or, I am crying real tears. I’m feeling my entire chest well with warmth, after eating an all too monstrous bite of hot pepper, in my first ever bánh mì from Lucy’s. That woman is famous. That pepper is infamous.

…or, I am finally savoring the tiniest bites of expensive macarons. Try though I might, I do not taste the gold they must contain to cost so much.

Banh Mi Moto Babe

How do you keep your boredom at bay?



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