Instagram Lately: When Was Thursday?

July 2014

Note: The scene is the line at an independent coffee shop with its required share of brick, reclaimed wood, mason jars and thick-framed glasses staring at laptops. The protagonist, Quelcy, is in desperate need of caffeine. While she waits, she encounters a few familiar faces and “shoots the shit.”

“Hey Quelcy! I meant to ask you, how was your event on Thursday?”

“………….” said Quelcy’s blank stare.

I stalled in a way one does when trying to recall the name of the person in front of her, but rather than racking my brain for a name, I struggled to recall Thursday.

Thursday… Thursday… what the hell had I done on Thursday?

The sad fact? It was only Saturday.

Granola and Blue Skies

A beautiful breakfast brainstorm…
A tour of a houseboat as part of a creative meeting…
A backyard garden party with toe-tapping ukulele songs…
A glimpse of an enviable olive VW…

When the days and hours are so disparate, my inability to recall Thursday becomse a little more excusable.

Flowers and Feet

Though these busy spells leave me ever so slightly mentally frenzied, I’m truly grateful to forget what day it is if I’m pursuing beautiful experiences rather than trudging through a work week, so… Happy Monday?!?



p.s: You can follow more of my Instagram adventures here.

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