Instagram Lately: We Humans Are A Funny Breed

July 2014

Overheard this past week:

“Excuse me, how do we get to the goats?”

“Quiche- it’s the only vegetable that begins with a Q.” [said in all seriousness]

“I’m leaving for my trip on the next Full Moon.”
“Oh? I’m leaving on the next New Moon.”

Pie and Greens

We humans are a funny breed, both for what we say and do. We bring goats to a field of invasive plants and pretend it’s an innovative idea. We shed tears over a ball kicked by the wrong feet. We torture our pups for the perfect picture of pie. We perch on ladders precariously while texting and tagging, and we merge meals into one beautiful excuse to take everything slowly on Sundays.

Gold Gold Props

…but these are the funny, quirky moments which keep me going, keep me snapping pics and keep me blissfully feeling creative and inspired, and keep me wishing Quiche were a vegetable.

What do your Instagrams reveal lately?



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  1. Maren

    Quiche (or at least frittata) can be mostly vegetables… ;^)

  2. lulu

    You mean quiche is not a vegetable? That’s how I justify the eggs, cream and cheese!

  3. Bunny Eats Design

    My quiche don’t even have cream. Of course it’s a vegetable. Your life through Instagram looks like a lovely, charmed life.

  4. MySoInstaLife

    I’m addicted to IG too. I appreciate how it gets me to stop & notice all the beautiful moments in each day.

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