A Wednesday Wander: Produce in Puerto Rico

A Wander from Rincon & San Juan, Puerto Rico in September 2011

When you see a rather peculiar man, on the side of a busy road, wielding a machete, do you stop to say hello?

The Coconut Stand

If that man is wielding that machete to cut into coconuts, then hellllll yes (but you still might want to adhere to the buddy system just in case the coconuts are a trap…a refreshing, tropical trap)!

Quelcy and the Coconut Stand

Bananas are another story. I’m not one to nick a ‘nana from a laden truck.

Truck o Bananas

Had it been a mango truck, this may have been a different story.


Bon Voyage!

A Wednesday Wander is a way to revisit journeys past and work my way through my many photos and journals that might otherwise collect proverbial dust. Thanks for wandering with me!

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  1. adarling575

    Ahhh thank you for these. I’m from the UK and I LOVE Puerto Rico, especially getting off the beaten track. I saw in the new year of 2014 from Rincon this year and spent some wonderful days in San Juan before heading into the rainforest. It’s an incredible place 🙂

    1. withthegrains

      My pleasure! It was a really beautiful island. I miss all the colors, and I didn’t have the chance to experience the rainforest…yet!

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