#TBT: A Patriotic Pie

July 2014

Once a Cornhusker, always a Cornhusker, so even though my family moved to the East Coast when I was a wee corn-loving lass, we returned every summer to visit. Summer time in the small town of Gothenburg, Nebraska meant trips to the lake and watching my brother make waterskiing look entirely too easy. When one particular trip coincided with the 4th of July, the plan was to lounge lakeside and then return to town for the big fireworks display.

There was just one glaring problem.

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Our boat of an old car broke down, and we were stuck on a dusty road, near the lake. There were no cell phones to facilitate a hasty rescue. There was no grill. There was no excessive display of food, some potato chips at most. With little else to do, we sat by the lake and watched the little fizzles of amateur fireworks over the water. Even though the holiday felt like a failure at the time, sitting there by my older sister is one of the 4th of July occasions I remember the most.

IMG_0820apple pie

This year I’ll be eating burgers, making pie (this is becoming tradition) and hopefully creating some new memories. If only I had such a patriotic pie server for the occasion!

“The flaky layers in crescent dough made them a natural for short-cutting this traditional apple dessert. Mrs. Angela Wencel of LaGrange Park, Illinois, rated the ‘Bright Idea’ prize for this tasty dessert.”

What are your fondest memories of the 4th?


Happy Patriotic Pie Making!

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    “eating burgers, making pie,” in love with these words 🙂

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