Instagram Lately: What Kind of Day Are You Having?

June 2014

“What kind of day are you having?” was a question penned on an otherwise blank page.

Instagram_Fountain Pup

So I turned my day into words on paper…

I’m having a summer day- a kind of day that includes a Crayola-blue sky, pillowy, cotton clouds and breezes in between beams of sunshine.

I’m having a day to listen to worries, then push them aside and replace them with a table for two, chilled soup and summer’s sandwich- bacon, lettuce and tomato! I’m having a day in which water tastes like sweet strawberries and herbs.

I’m having a day for fountain splashing and fur everywhere! I’m having a day to watch my puppy try to eat the water, and I remember how many smiles she has brought to my face because the world is still so new to her.

I’m having a purple-stained hands sort of day, from picking the mulberries that would otherwise squish underfoot. I’m having a day to pick the very last honeysuckle after eying it for weeks.

I’m having a night to notice a firefly for the very first time this season, and those early flickers transport me to so many other days and nights of pure summer.

Summer Drinks and Fruit

Had I been into brevity, I may have just written, “the lucky sort of day.”

What kind of day do your Instagrams reveal?



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  1. Bunny Eats Design

    I love the doggie action shot! It makes me happy. I don’t use Instagram but I guess flicking through my camera shows the things that I thought were important enough to snap.

    1. withthegrains

      I’m glad other people enjoy my little Juelp bc I can’t seem to stop snapping her pic. Camera flicking can definitely be a fun memory lane too!

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