#TBT: Patriotic Pecan Cookies

June 2014

Imagine you grew up on some remote island, and though you developed a taste for sweetness via nature’s sugars (fruits, honey, etc), you never tasted chocolate. Maybe you know about it because some Giligan’s Island style professor rigs wifi from a coconut, so you spend your time at the internet hut looking at pinterest boards of fashion, wedding place cards and recipe after recipe with chocolate drizzles, chocolate chips, chocolate ganache, etc, etc.

Then, for whatever reason, you have the opportunity to travel to “civilization.” Perhaps it’s a remote island’s equivalent of a Rumshpringa? Your mentor/companion for this transformational trip escorts you through the airport, which you vaguely understand because you’re caught up on Orange is the New Black (again…wifi hut). Once you pass security, you behold the marvels of the newsstand, and you make your first purchase- chocolate!

How intense would that be?!?

100 Bake Off Recipes

Do you remember the first time you had chocolate? I was practically reared on ice cream and homemade baked goods, so my first taste of heavenly chocolate probably came before full sentences exited my mouth. I can’t imagine the thrill of being conscious of the very first bite of chocolate. I can, however, imagine the extremely bitter disappointment of biting into 100% pure chocolate. That I remember, unfortunately.


“Mrs. Mary Jane Sobel of Houston, Texas puts a chocolate ‘frosting’ atop her cookies before they bake; easy and ready-to-eat when they come from the oven. Coconut almond frosting mix adds a special crunchiness to the cookies.”


May you taste chocolate anew!

#TBT (Throw Back Thursdays) glimpse into the vintage visual feasts in my personal collection of food and entertaining books.

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