Instagram Lately: It’s Summer!

June 2014

It’s summer.

Obviously, it’s summer, but somehow I couldn’t feel it. It was rushing past me, and I was too stressed to slow down and soak it in. I could feel the heat, the humidity and the lifelessness of my pup, but I wasn’t feeling the freedom, the exuberance, the utter relaxation of tan lines and cocktails and sunsets…not fully…

Summer Feeling

…until I had homemade Mexican food with good friends, and we had enough rum and mint and lime to make us tipsy and tired and talkative. Inadvertently, we had celebrated the solstice. From there, summer just started to unfurl…

I played with paper and felt inspired again.
I tasted wild berries.
I noted the drastic growth of the plants that line my daily path.
I spent a Sunday on a farm with the Brooklyn Brewery (more on that to come!).
I took some baby bird sips of a summer ale, and I actually liked it!
I experienced the buzz and excitement of a movie being filmed in my neighborhood.
And of course, I took several walks with my best girl (and amused myself with visual puns).

Summer Feeling 02

I want to lounge at the pool. I want to swim in a lake. I want to make pie and ice cream to share with friends. I want to spend more time on farms. I want to fill a bag at the farmer’s market. I want to see fireworks from a secret spot. Who wants to join me?

I need to make a summer bucket list! What’s on your summer agenda?


Happy Summer!

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