#TBT: Prize-Winning American Cake Recipes

June 2014

I read on a Kindle, but I still manage to fill shelves with books, especially cookbooks. I am drawn to the stories written between the lines of ingredients and instructions. From the sparse recipes, when most women knew all their baking by heart, to the times of embellished box-mix cakes, these food and entertaining spreads follow historical trends and chronicle the role of women in the home.

100 Bake Off Recipes

Leafing through faded, bent pages with pencil notes interspersed, I am also drawn to the images and graphic design. The effort in each page is astounding- photographers and stylists had to put their faith in what film would reveal. In comparison, our digital world allows for so many adjustments and revisions along the way. This progress leads me to wonder what still lies in store for food photography.


In keeping with the zeitgeist of the social media generation, I’ll be sharing more of these visual feasts from my library collection in a series of #TBT posts. In the spirit of Independence Day, which lurks just around the corner, I’ll begin with a dash or two of patriotism in this Pillsbury book of Prize Winning Recipes.


Happy Feasting!

#TBT (Throw Back Thursdays) glimpse into the vintage visual feasts in my personal collection of food and entertaining books.

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