A Wednesday Wander: Remembering the Chai Wallah & Children of Mumbai

A Wander in India from December 2012.

If you’re one of those badass Indian dudes with salt-n-pepper hair, a mustache that commands respect and a demeanor that leaves children scurrying to observe your every move from a safe distance, your morning slum routine might go something like this…


You’d take your place in the barber’s chair. Your place in the barber’s chair takes up a large percentage of the barbershop.

Tobacco Stand

Once your mustache was as meticulous as could be, you would continue to the Chai Wallah, the maker of tea. You’d sip the sweet, milky tea and customize your tobacco blend, roll that signature blend into a leaf, smoke your cigarette and shoot the shit with your fellow smokers.

Tobacco Tins

You might also eat one of the wallah’s specialty snacks with your chai. You would because you’re an Indian man with freshly groomed facial hair. I did not because I was a foreigner with a healthy fear of Delhi Belly, which is a really cute way of describing a bodily disaster. Fortunately, it was a disaster I averted by letting my eyes do the feasting for me. India is, after all, a visual feast!

Tobacco Stall

Indian School Girls
Little children en route to school were all too eager to pose for a camera. The middle girl had the most magical eyes!

A Wednesday Wander is a way to revisit journeys past and work my way through my many photos and journals that might otherwise collect proverbial dust. Thanks for wandering with me!


Thanks for wandering with me!




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  1. adarling575

    This is so lovely and what a great way to remember your holidays!

  2. CadyLuck Leedy

    What a great post! I wish I was confident enough to take more street pictures!

    1. withthegrains

      Thanks! I used to wander around a lot by myself which made picture taking easier for me. I say just go for it!

  3. SalvaVenia

    Never suffered from that Delhi Belly. Must have been saved every time. 😀

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