Instagram Lately: It’s Fine.

June 2014

During a spell of feeling overwhelmed with life and love and all that looms in between, my surroundings intervened.

Textures and Dogs

Wrinkly faced bulldog puppies appeared at a neighbor’s, and their little bellies, disproportionately massive paws and pipsqueak growls revived me. How can you not be happy when in the presence of snuggly innocence? Have you ever seen such a cute case of “resting bitch face?” I wish I could see that face every day!

Though those little squish faces made my face beam, my own Julep is still my best gal. Strolling with her on a summer evening transported me to my childhood. I had the feeling of a kid released from school.

It's Fine

The whole summer stretched before me, and I felt lighter with the possibility of picnics, new river views, blue skies, long strolls and the fruits of recent efforts to minimize all the clutter in my life. I felt inspired by the textures, patterns and details waiting to catch my eye. The summer city reminded me that everything is and will be just fine.

What do your Instagrams reveal lately?


Happy Summer!

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