Instagram Lately: Finding Inspiration in Flowers

May 2014

A friend’s spontaneous trip to Spain and his instagram feed full of enviable experiences sent me to revel in the albums on my bookshelf. Their dusty covers contained my own experience in Spain, and those photos from a different time exposed a different me. It was my first trip to Europe, and though I wanted to document everything, film imposed natural limitations. The scenes that caught my eye reveal what interested me at the time- an obsession with the built environment and preserving the interactions of the group of friends around me.

Recently I had an assignment to take photos of a garden. I returned with photos of the urns and statues, shadows and dewy voids, to which the Flower King replied, “Girrrrl, your summer assignment is to be inspired by flowers.”

Memorial Flowers
A perfect morning read in my favorite corner; prepping roses for a wedding; Thommy Conroy serving a beer can grilled chicken for Memorial Day; Strawberry Mint Shrub with Blackberries; Sunset Puppy

The moments we choose to preserve reveal so much when we step back and look at them as a whole. Who am I today? [a crazy dog lady] What interests me? [food, beauty, four legs] The same goes for the people we choose to follow both in the digital world and in our day-to-day lives.

Partnering with the Flower King is teaching me to see flowers in a completely new way, to see the way they transform fashion, faces, spaces and food!

What do your Instagrams reveal lately?



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