Instagram Lately: Happiness Growing Underfoot

May 2014

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise man grows it under his feet.”
-James Oppenheim

Instagram Lately_May 24

I had no bone to pick with winter, but when at long last, it packed its bags, I was quite happy to bid blistering winds and icy chills farewell. Spring finally arrived, and much like an old friend absent for far too long, we picked up right where we had left.

A strong case of wanderlust has been stirring inside me, but I’ve been attempting to quell my thoughts of distant places with appreciation for spring in this city.

I’ve been remembering the pure happiness of sipping coffee with my best friends, of hikes in the flickering light of the park, of sunset strolls on high hills, of buying baguettes right before lunchtime, of tan lines, and of course, the pure delight of my little dog.

Here’s to the happiness underfoot and underpaw!

What do your Instagrams reveal lately?



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