Instagram Lately: Cinco de May Day

May 2014

Sometimes red tape takes oh so long to unstick.
Sometimes social obligations frenzy my days.
Sometimes stresses strain my shoulders.

Then I grab the little one and head to the woods.

The red tape goes away.
The frenzy goes away.
The sunshine kisses my shoulders and glistens on her coat, and we soak it all up.

We soak up this spring oh so gratefully, spring showers and all, because it was oh so long in the making!

Cinco de May Day
Top Row: Carnitas; life-size Terrarium for the Polish Hill May Day parade. Middle Row: Phipps Conservatory; More Carnitas. Bottom Row: a floral Q; #JulepOfTheDay in Schenley Park

Within the giant plot of urban greenery, I can safely meander knowing the city is just around the bend, no matter how turned around I may be. Without compass or care, I am free to smell the flowers, which have shot up overnight. I am free to watch the tree shadows trickle across the path. I am free to splash water droplets on my little one’s face and watch her prance gleefully.

I am free to find a precious moment of zen right smack dab in the middle of the frenzy.

Though the truly sweet tomatoes are still gathering their strength below the ground, I am relishing raw fruits and vegetables in their nakedness. I am savoring the sweet, sweet smell of the lilac bushes and grape hyacinths. I am reveling in quiet rains and open windows.

This month emerged colorfully, with rain droplets on merrymakers, with the bold colors of carnitas, with growing greens and fallen letters.

This is May!


May your Instagrams provide doses of zen and preserve spring’s fragrant freshness!

ps: You can follow my adventures here.

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