Breakfast With A Friend

April 2014

Sometimes my day revolves around dried flowers. Other days, I nitpick over food placement. Sometimes I’m scurrying to make an event memorable. No two days are alike, but as busy as I may feel, my Google calendar pales in comparison to my hustling friend Nina. Hers is a rainbow-colored Tetris explosion! This girl packs more than humanly possible into her days. When she suggested playing hooky from one of her gigs and eating breakfast together on a weekday, I said come on over!

Dining Room Breakfast

Years ago, when we each had far less on our plates, we used to sit on our stoops and share percolated coffee before heading to work. The notion of gathering for breakfast felt like old times, except this time around we had the luxury of lingering a bit longer and sharing some sweets as well.

Mix and Match

Coffee and Saucer

Gathering for breakfast with a close friend is such a splendid treat! Far less pressure than hosting a brunch, a breakfast requires little more than coffee (and refills!), a baked good or two, and some fruit for good measure (and maybe a splash of champagne depending what the rest of your day holds).

Banana Bread Galore

I baked a banana bread galore (fig, hazelnut, chocolate chip & flax) and a wine jam muffin. Stay tuned for the recipes and hopefully more grainy gatherings of this sort. There’s nothing like a Thursday morning with an old friend!


Here’s to the most important meal of the day with the most important people!

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  1. TwoSweetBakers

    Breakfast if my favourite meal of the day! And did you say wine jam muffins? That sounds crazily delicious. 😉

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