Revival in the From of Brunch (e2)

April 2014

What do you do to get your adrenaline pumping?

e2 chalkboard menu

For some, it’s leaping off cliffs or diving from moving airplanes. Not this girl. I prefer the adrenal rush of creative output in the face of a looming deadline. Event design is all about a looming deadline, which is part of why it’s a perfect fit for my passions.

Hot Sauce Beignets
Sriracha zeppoli with blue cheese dressing…the “wings of donuts” if you will

How quickly can I convert a space to make it feel completely different? How many ideas can I execute in the final minutes before guests arrive?

Blood Orange Beignets
Blood orange beignets.

When it came time to turn 30, my birthday party was everything I wanted it to be! I celebrated in the tone of red and commemorated my tradition of 30 little cakes for 30 years. Squeezing in every single detail (none of which would have been possible without my talented partner in crazed event design, Thommy Conroy) was just the type of looming deadline I referenced. Though I enjoyed every bit of planning and execution, the next morning, I was feeling the weight of every single detail.

I was exhausted!

Brussels Sprouts Mash
Bacon & Brussels Hash

I was exhausted, and thoroughly exhausted I would remain until the wonderfully reviving qualities of brunch at e2 began to take hold.


Mugs upon mugs of coffee, conversation and plates shared with my best friends did wonders for my exhausted self. Years ago, these friends and I had met in architecture school, pumping up this jam and slaving to meet the nearly impossible deadlines. We had met in this black and gold city, but it had been so long since we had shared it all together. How lucky we were to sit to brunch together, at one of my favorite places no less!

Pistachio French Toast Perfection
French toast with homemade nutella and pistachios.

Celebrating the milestone of 30 years had left me exhausted, but brunch revived me! While eating forkfuls from the same plates, our conversations covered several topics we never would have imagined as the 20-something versions of ourselves who first connected. Yet there we were, happy, full, natural and still just as magically young and radiant as those sleepless nights when we slaved over looming deadlines.


May Your Brunches Be Reviving!

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  1. tinylittlemoments

    I have been meaning to try this place out for such a long time. French toast with nutella and pistachios?! Yes please!

    1. withthegrains

      You definitely must! It is one of my favorite brunch spots. I crave it regularly!

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