Happy Pi(e) Day!

March 14, 2014

It’s March 14th (3/14), which means it’s time for math nerds and pun enthusiasts to unite around the idea of pi(e).

Pi Pie

In honor of my nerdy, punny self, here’s a roundup of some of my own pie recipes:

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Star Spangled Blueberry & Cherry Pie
Maple & Apple Handpies
Lemon Honey Tart With Salted Cardamom Shortbread Crust
Maple Mousse Pie
White Cheddar & Cinnamon Apple Pie
Strawberry Lemon Basil Meringue Pie

and more!

Finale 02


Happy Pi(e) Day!

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  1. susipet

    Great recipes… Thanks
    Feel hungry just seeing the options…

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