Carnegie Coffee: Where History & Caffeine Converge

I apologize for the longing these blue skies and sunny streets might stir in your winter bones, but there’s a little adventure I’ve been meaning to share, and somehow it took me all these snowy months to arrive at the right words.

Carnegie, PA

On a wide, brick, turquoise-accented street in Carnegie, Pa, there’s a location where history and caffeine converge.

Light Fixture

At this intersection of time and energy, a brick facade boasts looming windows and regal light fixtures.

Carnegie Coffee Sign and Lounge

A glass pane announces your arrival and the dual function of the space- pick up your prescription and pick up your java, but first, push through the antique door and really behold the small details so unique to this place…

Antique Door

PO Box Counter

Previously the site of the Carnegie Post Office, which closed in spring 2008 and moved into smaller, leased quarters, the spacious coffee shop pays hommage to its history through the hundreds of post office boxes and the refurbished marble forming the bar.

Carnegie Coffee Menu

These antique gestures overlap in a clean, modern way with industrial furniture, bold, simple patterns and bright color accents.

PO Box Counter and Coffees

Carnegie Coffee Pastries

Post Office Door

Booth Seat

Most importantly though, the Carnegie Coffee Company serves coffee to make a trip there worthwhile. Inspired by their European travels and the requisite coffee experiences, the owners prioritized the source of their beans. They are the first coffeeshop in Western Pennsylvania to serve the Italian-grown Illy bean.

Illy Coffee

Whether you’re a Pittsburgher, a Carnegian (?!?!), or a wanderer in need of revival, I hope you have the chance to experience this history and caffeine convergence.

Carnegie Coffee Company
132 East Main Street
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106


Bon Voyage & Santé!


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    What a great looking place and gorgeous pictures, too. Thanks for the recommendation!

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