From Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog

January 2014

One of the best pieces of advice a fellow blogger gave me was to take my template, make it unique and then charge full speed ahead. I spend a lot of time on this here corner of the blogosphere, so it was important for my site to reflect me as much as my wardrobe and home do. After several iterations, the best technique was to put pencil and puns to paper. After so many hours spent with my sketchbook, I was ecstatic WordPress took note. My drawings were featured in their series Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog on the topic of customizing a blog.

2014.01 WordPress Zero to Hero

In addition to adopting a custom detail, the Zero to Hero series has plenty of great tips no matter where you are in your blogging journey, so check it out! In the meantime, I offer you this more detailed glimpse into my head, where sweets and social media combine via mechanical pencil…


…and while we’re on the topic, do you follow me on instagram? I promise they aren’t all pictures of Julep [but full disclosure, a lot are because she is really adorable and growing up way too quickly].



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  1. Andrew Seal

    Your blog is brilliant and the accolades so well deserved. Congratulations! How do you create your “Top Posts & Pages” sidebar? I tried but failed to get your look. Best wishes.

  2. Anne Lively

    Nice, nice, nice!

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