Juice of the Week: Pears, Pink Ladies, Greens & Good Advice

January 2014

Certain whirlwinds left me lazy after their breezes had blown, but I recently reminded myself to buck up, demonstrate a little discipline and set that juicer blade in motion again! I just needed one sip to remind me of the preventative health powers of fruit-sweetened vegetal juices.

Typewriter and Green Juice

Here’s to a fresh start on old goals, to glasses of greens and good advice that surpasses calendar years.

Green Juice and Good Advice

As for good advice, this gem came from a highly successful source- “always follow the path that gives you the most happiness.” Sometimes we just need reminders.

Mug of Green Juice

Juice of the Week: Greens, Pears & Pink Ladies
makes ~ 1 ½ quarts


3 organic romaine hearts
1 green zucchini, peeled
1 bulb of fennel
6 organic d’anjou pears
3 organic lemons, peeled
2 organic Pink Lady apples
8 mini apples
10 oz organic kale (I used a bag of kale from Trader Joe’s)


Combine according to your juicer’s instructions.

Juice of the Week documents my goal to drink fresh juice daily (made in batches weekly).

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