Pork & Pancakes: A Brunch at Stagioni

November 2013

Recently, on a blistery South Side Sunday, my friend and I attempted to try a new brunch nook, but a harsh reality confronted us. A note on the door announced the previous Sunday had marked the last brunch service. Plan B? Not yet ready to admit defeat and go vegan [sorry vegans, but this friend and I appreciate the nuances of butter and bacon on a gray morn], we racked our brains. As we drove the same route from whence we came, I remembered a restaurant I had yet to try, and I had a hopeful thought…

Stagioni Facade

… and fortunately for us, my hopes came true! Stagioni’s beautiful, autumnal facade boasted just the words I wanted to read, “Now serving brunch!”

Stagioni Logo

I first experienced Stagioni as part of the Italian BBQ on the Farm hosted by Cure. Having been wowed by Chef/Owner Stephen Felder’s cooking in a field, I was excited to try his seasonal approach within the context of his restaurant.

Stagioni Autumn Tree

Stagioni Place Setting

Biscuits and Coffee Cake
Complimentary biscuits & coffee cake with fig butter, apple butter & regular butter.
Porkchop and pancakes
Pork Chop with butternut squash, apples, fennel, potato, pancetta, brown butter & sage
Ricotta pancakes with maple mascarpone

One Bite of Porkchop

I’m a sucker for complimentary baked goods, syrupy pancakes and a fall flavored pork chop! The light-filled dining room made the morning feel brighter and warmer despite the escalating winds and dropping temperatures. What began with a brunch fail transformed into a Sunday success.

Stagioni Reflections

Furthermore, I am quite satisfied to add another locale to my Pittsburgh brunch repertoire!


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