A Giveaway: Farm to Table Harvest Tasting Event

November 2013

“Farm” and “table” have nearly become as closely associated as “peanut butter” and “jelly.” Whether literally a table on a farm, or merely a nod to the ethics behind a food product, the combination is a trend I support enthusiastically. Accordingly, you will find me sampling some of the region’s finest offerings at the 2nd Annual Farm to Table Pittsburgh Harvest Tasting.

The Table Before

Farm to Table Pittsburgh, creators of the popular annual Farm to Table Conference, are hosting the second annual Farm to Table Harvest Tasting on November 16, 2013 at the Waterfront. The Harvest Tasting is a casual gathering that allows consumers to experience firsthand the quality and diversity of locally grown, produced and prepared food.

Farm to Table Harvest Tasting Giveaway

One of my lucky readers and a guest will have the opportunity to enjoy the Harvest Tasting event for free! To enter, leave a comment below telling me about your most delicious Farm to Table experience, whether it be the cheese you bought at Wild Purveyors or one of the summer’s many farm dinners. I will randomly select and announce the winner on Friday, November 15.

Winner, Winner, Local Dinner [Sampling]


This makes Jennifer Davis the lucky recipient of two tickets to the tasting event! Congrats to Jennifer, and a big thanks to all of you for sharing your local inspiration! I really enjoyed reading the personal stories and food journeys! If you attend the event, look for this grainy girl and be sure to introduce yourselves.

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  1. BeezusKiddo

    Hog Butchering dinner at Cure, no joke. Such amazing amazing amazing food.

    1. NTH

      I love the farm-on-top-of-the-table rooftop garden at Dinette in East Liberty! Hooray for pizza and the freshest of greens.

    2. withthegrains

      Yes, I’m so glad you experienced it! So much information followed by such amazing food!

  2. Michelle E

    I would have to say I loved the strawberry picking and meet and greet at Clarion River Organics. It was worth the drive.

  3. D. Gordon

    This will be my first year going, but I just recently tried Wigle Whiskey after reading about it- so great to have an organic, local product like this– and it made a great cocktail!

  4. Jason

    Best farm-to-table experience was at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea in, er, Beaver Falls. I still have the menu: kale chips with meyer lemon hummus dip; local cheese plate with homemade bread; poached rainbow trout with quinoa; local veggie assortment; meyer lemon curd layer cake.

    Just typing that is making my mouth water.

  5. Donna

    Working at Goodness Grows farm in Bedford County this summer. Three farm fresh meals every day, for a week! My favorite was the black raspberry jam, made from berries we picked ourselves, spread on fresh-baked bread!

  6. Nora Mathews

    I’ve been drooling over your events all summer, but a tight budget means that all my farm to table experiences this year have been homemade from my CSA. I’d love to be entered in your giveaway to see what I’ve been missing!

  7. Amanda

    The first strawberries out of the CSA box in the spring. I usually eat them before we get home with the goods!

  8. Lauren O'Brian

    All the organic produce available in the summer makes it even better

  9. Cat

    I love the cheese plates at AWM that come from Wild Purveyors. Each time I go I say I’m not getting any food, but I can’t help myself!

  10. leah

    i really enjoy eating at local restaurants that embrace a farm to table attitude. places like e2 and root174.

  11. Megan

    I went to the white oak farm dinner a couple weekends ago. I had a fabulous time! My roommate ate the sausage I bagged from the event and she will never be forgiven! 🙂 great food, beer, and music!

  12. Jen Friedman

    Kitty Leatham’s breakfast strata and kimchi @ one of the first Farm to Table conferences!

    1. Erin Hart

      I loved that breakfast too! It inspired the now annual breakfast.

  13. laura crawley

    I’ve only been to one event at the convention centre. I had some home made butter and it was lovely.

  14. fran

    I am new to Pittsburgh and have yet to experience a Farm to Table experience here. I was involved with farm shares and loved local restaurants where I used to live. Would love to check out the ‘burgh’s local food and beverages!

  15. Jennifer Davis

    I started following The Fresh 20 cookbook for my family in the spring. Hit the Farmer’s market when I could, bought organic from the grocer when I had to. We have had many excellent meals, but the one that stands out was a very simple pork chops on the grill with crispy kale. Healthy, simple and delicious!

  16. wordsofthewoods

    The farm to table food I remember the most fondly comes from my childhood. Every summer my city slicker family in Philadelphia would travel to our country bumpkin counterparts in Seaford, Delaware. Every morning my mom’s cousin would prepare fresh blueberry corn muffins. I would always find them in the same yellow container and then quickly gobble as many as I fit in my growing belly. The eggs, the blueberries, even the corn were fresh. It’s one of my happiest food memories if not one of my favorite childhood memories.

  17. ashpgh

    Eating delicious tomatoes and zucchini from my grandfather’s garden. I also enjoy when any restaurant I stop in lists where the food came from on their menu.

  18. Lauren

    Canning our own organic applesauce this summer was such an accomplishment- from our backyard to our table

  19. Julie@teachinggoodeaters

    When I lived in Lancaster, PA, there was a farm stand near my house that I visited often. When in season, they had the sweetest, most amazing blackberries I’ve ever had. One day, I stopped by to pick some up, but they were gone. I asked the girl at the stand if they ran out, or if the blackberries were done for the season. She asked me to wait a minute while she radioed the farmer. When she returned she said that if I was willing to wait 10 minutes, he’d pick them for me and bring them up! Talk about fresh. I think I bought 10 pints out of sheer excitement and gratitude!

  20. lindsey kelly

    Cheese from wild purveyors

  21. Jason Panella

    The best farm to table experience I’ve had was at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea several years ago. I had kale chips with meyer lemon hummus dip, local cheeses w/ bread the owner baked, poached rainbow trout with quinoa cakes, some nicely cooked local veggies, and meyer lemon curd layer cake for dessert. The wine I had wasn’t local, but oh well.

  22. Christine Muller

    I have been trying to change my life around with food. I did a CSA for the first time this year, and WOW was I glad I did. It was such an experience. I ate things that I’d never think to buy at the store. My husband and I looked forward to the pick-up every week! We actually picked the farm we did because we had attended the Farm to Table Pittsburgh event at the convention center and made a connection with this farm owner! I have to say that there is no single experience that stood out beyond the rest…the whole CSA season was in itself the most delicious. From new veggies like kohlrabi and chard that we’d never eaten before to super fresh out of the ground carrots and potatoes, and the strawberries and blueberries that never made it home in their entirety because I couldn’t wait! All in all, I’ve come to the conclusion that a CSA program will be in my life forevermore, no matter where we may be living!

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