Juice of the Week: Greens & Pears

October 2013

My year has included a lot of juicing and flavor tinkering! Of the many concoctions I have sipped, this might be my favorite thus far! In addition to the sweet, tart, fresh flavor, this combination of citrus, ginger and greens is a natural way to boost immunity and build a wall of defense against the surround-sound sniffling and sickness the fall and winter bring. Here’s to flavor and health!

Pear Juice and Pears

Greens & Pear Juice

2 organic romaine hearts
4 oz fresh ginger, peeled
1 organic heart of celery
2 organic English cucumbers, peeled
7 organic bartlett pears, cored
7 organic lemons, peeled


Combine according to your juicer’s instructions.

Juice of the Week documents my goal to drink fresh juice daily (made in batches weekly).

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