A Memorable Meal in Maine

August 2013

Every now and then I wander to a place that brings rest to my soul.

The Cottage

Every now and then I find a place where life’s simple moments of respite transpire effortlessly.

The Perfect Cottage

This particular place was in Maine, and as much as I enjoyed the serene setting, I enjoyed my gracious hosts even more.


I made my way to Maine to celebrate and decorate a friend’s wedding. I hope to make my way to Maine again many times to visit my hosts, who very quickly felt as close as an aunt and uncle. In the quiet mornings, we exchanged stories and recipes over mugs of French-pressed coffee and bowls of homemade granola, while the three elegant collies rhythmically traipsed over wooden floors. Each nook and cranny of the beautiful red cottage housed little examples of the couple’s style and aesthetic from French postcards to hanging trumpets.

Cottage Table

Beyond lending me a room during the wedding festivities, the creative pair extended the invitation to dine with them, making me feel truly at home. While the grilling ensued, I discovered the garden.

Dinner Before

As enthralled as I was with the light and airy house, the garden very quickly mesmerized me.

Nap Time

Temporary Companion

Glimpsing the Garden House

Garden House

Watering Can

Red Flowers

Terra Cotta


Garden Accessories

The Garden Chair

The Fish

Then it was time to sit at the richly dark, wooden table and share the meal. It was time to profit from Maine’s fresh seafood and produce. It was time to sip wine, filet fish, butter corn and thoroughly enjoy such an endearing new connection.

The Dinner Table

The Fish After

Dinner After

Every now and then I wander to a place that brings rest to my soul, but what makes these peaceful places all the more memorable and meaningful are the people who share them.

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  1. Letizia

    This looks like a peaceful, almost magical place. I love the unexpected details in your photos. And the dogs that make their appearance as well!

    1. withthegrains

      Thanks Letizia. It really felt magical in that garden. The dogs were a great bonus, especially since I was missing my little Julep while I was away.

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