Coca Cafe By Day

September 2013

Do you think Parisians push the Eiffel Tower to their periphery? Do they take it for granted?

When traveling, time limits act as deadlines and incentivize bursts of energy in an attempt to see and do as much as possible. Living in one place for a longer duration falls at the opposite end of the spectrum. Local bucket lists are often pushed to the back burner, and familiar places are taken for granted. It’s often a visitor who puts the everyday into perspective again.

Coca Brunch

When my sister and her kids came to visit me this summer, they provided a perfectly fresh perspective on my city. We walked downtown, visited landmarks, and ate brunch at Coca Cafe. Having worked just around the corner from Coca for 3.5 years [having lunched at Coca frequently for 3.5 years], I never really thought to bring my camera and share any of the many meals. However, a place that serves delicious breakfast all day definitely deserved a post on my corner of the blogosphere.

Challah French Toast

Challah French Toast
Melted brie, fig jam & fresh berries

Once you’ve eaten this, it’s challenging to stray from it and explore more of the menu, but once you’ve eaten this again, you’ll feel confident in your relapse.

Chicken Sandwich on Challah

Chicken Sandwich
Grilled local chicken, melted brie, granny smith apple, fig jam, toasted challah
(because sometimes you just want to find a way to turn brunch into a lunch sandwich)

Brunch, lunch and even catered affairs- Coca has come through for me on many occasions. Recently, they expanded into the dinner hours with small plates, so stay tuned for Coca by Night!

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